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Our Journey since 2008

Jac's Learning Centre started out as a sole proprietor, providing tuition services for Mathematics and Science, at Canberra Community Club, formerly known as "The Jelutung Community Club" in 2008.

With fellow educators, the centre now offers academic coaching to students from Primary 3 to Secondary 5. Discerning parents could see how our tutors are impacting the well-being of students, and with their unwavering support, the centre has been operational for over a decade.

Coding and Robotics

Our Vision

To establish JLC as the premier centre for holistic education while maintaining our steadfast principles as we grow.

Our Mission

To nurture successful leaders of tomorrow by

1.  Building A Strong Academic Foundation

2.  Inculcating Diligence

3.  Developing Confidence In The Children


Jac's Learning Centre old logo

Logo circa 2008

Jac's Learning Centre new logo

Current Logo

The logo encapsulates the mission to nurture each child towards working towards his fullest potential with confidence and diligence with a strong academic foundation. 

Our Future

10 years on, the centre now offers more holistic programmes catering to a wider age group from Kindergarten to Upper Secondary level namely,


1.  Academic Coaching,

2.  Coding and Robotics,

3.  Multiple Intelligence After-School Programmes,

4.  Leadership Development.

As we progress ahead into the future, we will strive to continue innovating new pioneering methods in enriching the next generation of leaders.


With our wealth of experience, you can be sure that your child will receive the best possible after-school enrichment that he or she needs.



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