Frequently Asked Questions 

Who are your teachers?

ALL our teachers are qualified to teach in schools.     


What is the advantage of having school teachers?

 They know the syllabus
 They know how exam scripts are marked, and thus able to coach students better
 They know the common pitfalls and misconceptions
 They are trained in child psychology to motivate your child to excel
 They are trained in classroom management



Where do your teachers teach?
Can I have their direct phone number?

In order to protect our teachers’ privacy, we do not disclose these information. Parents may speak to the teachers before or after class if they have any concerns.


How does the new direction for the Primary English syllabus impact the way lesson is conducted at your centre?

At JLC, we have been student-centred and interactive due to our small class size and the facilitation from teachers. We encourage students to express their opinions and share their thoughts during lessons.


What materials does your centre use?

We have our own in-house materials on top of carefully selected assessment books. Students also practice using exam papers near their assessment dates.


What is your maximum class size?

We keep class at a maximum of 8 students. The advantages are many folds - closer rapport with students, a conducive environment for students to ask questions and clear doubts, better customisation of content and area to focus on, etc.


What if my child misses a lesson?
Will there be a make-up session?

Students who miss a lesson due to official school reasons or illness (supported with MC) will be able to do a make-up session. Parents are to call the centre to arrange for a make-up session. We regret to inform that we are not obliged to do a make-up session for your child if he/she misses lesson for personal reasons.


Can I suspend my child’s lesson if I am going for my family holiday?

We do not encourage suspension of lessons as it disrupts learning. Your child is expected to make-up for the session(s) missed. You may wish to refer to our JLC tuition schedule (displayed at our centres and on our website) before planning your holidays. For the mid-yer and year-end holiday, no make-up is necessary and your child will carry on from whichever topic the teacher has done with the class.



Is there a free trial class as I am worried that my child does not take well to group tuition?

There is no free trial. However, your child may come for a class without making prior payment. If your child does not want to continue after the first session, you need not pay.


What if my child’s school is not doing a topic that your centre is currently teaching?

The sequencing of the topics may be different but almost all the time the topics covered are the same by SA1 and SA2. Your child’s teacher may prepare customised test paper(s) for your child, depending on the need.

Should you have any other enquiries on our programmes, feel free to approach us


Phone: 9729 1017