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Geography Model Answer on Promoting Tourism

How can the media and government promote tourism in a country? Which is more effective? Explain your answer. [8]

At the end of the day, the government would be more effective in promoting tourism. The government often has greater resources, can make use of laws and possess a greater network of partners both national and international to achieve its goals of promoting more tourism in their own countries. For instance, the government often has vast financial and manpower resources to invest promoting tourism. When first negotiating for the rights to host the Formula 1 races in Singapore, the government decided to co-pay the fee required to host these races, without which, the F1 races would not have come to Singapore. This resulted in more tourists visiting Singapore during the F1 season annually in Singapore. The media however, can only rely on swaying people's opinions. These can often change as there are also many other media outlets consumers can turn to. Hence, the government is more effective in promoting tourism in a country.

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