History Model Answer - Germany's Defeat in World War 2

Updated: Mar 8

"Germany's attempts at defeating the Allied Powers were without merit. How far do you agree with this statement? Explain your answers. [12]

Secondly, Germany’s attempts at defeating the Allies in WW2 were without merit because of their numerous blunders which caused them to lose the war on their own. Throughout WW2, Germany made numerous wrong decisions that decisively changed the course of the war against them, preventing them to defeat the Allies. These included the Battle of Britain, Operation Barbarossa, the failed campaign in North Africa, and many more. During the Battle of Britain, Germany had the initial chance to defeat the British Royal Air Force. Their early strategy to target British military airfields and installations were beginning to take a severe toll on the Royal Air Force. The British Air Force was about to collapse. However, Hitler made a wrong decision to switch the Germany air attacks to British cities in retaliation against the British bombing of Berlin. This provided time for the Royal Air Force to recover from their initial losses and beat the Germany Luftwaffe to a stalemate. As a result, Hitler had to abandon his plans to invade Britain because the Germans could not gain air superiority over the British. Britain remained unconquered and became a second front for Hitler when he unleashed Operation Barbarossa on the Soviet Union. Another huge blunder Hitler made during Operation Barbarossa was when he decided to divert significant amount of his forces away from attacking Moscow in late 1941. The Germans were initially attacking well towards Moscow, and it would have caused the Soviets to surrender if they have taken Moscow, the capital of USSR. After diverting forces away from Moscow to help in other sectors, the Germans eventually narrowly failed to take Moscow before the Russian winter halted their advance. Eventually, the Western Allies were able to land in France on D-Day. Together with the Soviet advance on the Eastern Front, it forced Germany to lose WW2. Therefore, the Germans’ attempt to defeat the Allies was without merit because they made too many critical blunders that caused them to lose the war.

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