Mr Jackie S.K. Lim

  • Joined MOE schools in 2000

  • Degree in Mathematics (NUS)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (NTU)

  • Taught in a secondary school till 2008

  • Become a full time tutor since 2008, teaching Primary, Secondary and JC Mathematics

  • Current adjunct teacher in school

  • “Throughout the past 7 years, being able to motivate my students, from Primary school to Junior College, to set high expectations for themselves and achieving them, has been the most fulfilling job I have come across.”


  • Joined JLC since 2019

  • 4 years tuition experience

  • Specializes in English at Primary and Secondary School level

Mrs Lim

  • Author of Primary Science Assessment Book <Apply & Score: Mastering Conceptual Questions>

  • 8 years experience teaching Primary School Science

  • Pioneer JLC tutor

  • Joined MOE schools in 1999

  • Degree in Business Administration (NUS)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (NTU)

Ms Evon Chong

  • Joined JLC since 2012

  • Coding and Robotics Course Specialist

  • Degree (Honours) in Computing in Information Systems (NUS)

  • Creator of coding and robotics curriculum

Mr Ong Shu Peng

  • Joined JLC since 2017

  • Mathematics Tutor

  • Coding and Robotics Course Trainer

  • NUS Scholar for Degree in Computing

  • Graduated from HCI Integrated Program

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